Uplift & Empower Westlake Village

Westlake United Church Trust (WUCT) is an award winning Non-Profit Organisation that employs 60 people at its multi-service facility.

Westlake is hidden behind business and upmarket residential complexes where WUCT acts as the hub of the 12000 residents of the community. In Rhoda Kadalie’s words, “WUCT is evidence of a community taking its destiny into its own hands”.

The WUCT project addresses issues of extreme poverty, ill health, early childhood development, unemployment and social issues through 3 arms:


  • Emmanuel Educare pre-school catering for up to 210 children
  • Home-Based Care (HBC) programme supporting 350 people, with the carers conducting on average 2000 home visits per month
  • Community Advice Office provides the community with pamphlets and information and serves, on average, 400 people per month.

How You Can Get Involved

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Home Based Care Program

Run in partnership with the Department of Health. We employ a registered Professional Nursing Sister who co-ordinates the program, 18 trained home based carers, including a full-time community healthcare worker, who visit and care for sick people in their homes.

Sewing Room

Our crafts room enables those infected and affected by HIV to be economically sustainable. Teaching skills to help rebuild lives.

A co-operative called Masezaki runs from the premises making shopping bags for Township bags who then sell them through Pick ‘n Pay.

Emmanuel Educare

A registered pre-school, run under the auspices of Westlake United Church Trust, for children aged from 3 to 6 years.  The current enrolment is 180 learners. The preschool is open from 07h00 to 15h00, Monday to Friday, and provides 3 healthy meals each day.  After-care is also available until 17h00.

Pride & Discipline

We believe in setting a living example to our young learners. Show them that though discipline and courage, anything can be achieved. That failure is not the end, that returning to try again, and continuing to push to succeed will nurture an inner pride that can never be lost.

Our Living Heritage

Our elders in the community are the bedrock on which we have built our organisation and they continue to be our inspiration. By working together and supporting our senior members of the community, we are able to ensure a brighter future for our youth and the much deserve respect for.

Making our Mark

We want all the children of Westlake to know they are seen, they are important and they are the very cornerstone of our future. A simple act of painting hand prints on the wall, is a constant reminder that we see them, and no one can overlook their presence again.

Every little bit Helps

We welcome any donations, as these allow us to uplift and empower our community. Whether its a soft toy for a child or food for a family, every item received, is put to good use within our organisation to help those in most need, rebuild and re establish their place within Westlake.

Award Winning Care Givers

Our Home Based Care team were awarded the Silver Leaf Achievement Award from the Western Cape Government Department of Health for their Excellent Community Development Outreach days for Chronic and Lifestyle Diseases in 2020. Another reminder of how hard these unsung heroes work within the community of Westlake to ensure the prosperity of all those within our community!

Educating our Future

Emmanuel Educare is a registered pre-school which focuses on children ages 3 to 6, ensuring they have a safe and encouraging environment in which to grow and learn, as well as a nurturing staff that go above and beyond to ensure that the youngest of our community is giving the best opportunity for a firm educational foundation. 

Our History

WUCT was born out of the work of a small group of committed Christians in the Tokai and Constantia parishes.  It started with provision of food and clothing to those in need in the community, through to developing a strategy for an onsite building, crèche and pre-school and then into the area of health and welfare support, skills training and youth development.

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Our People

The WUCT team extends well beyond the 55 people directly employed by the Trust, each of whom is a star in their own right, from Andre our caretaker to Richard our General Manager, Patti the receptionist at the Advice office, and Veronica, a Home Based Carer; each member of thmanagement and team integral to delivery the service we do.

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Financial Results

WUCT is blessed to be the vehicle to make a difference to the community of Westlake Village and we are thankful to all our sponsors, donors, volunteers and local churches who enable us to do this.  We are grateful to be able to offer employment to 55 people and excited that we can give 180 children the best possible start to their education, and that we can feed them every day.

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