Child Protection

Home Based Care

Run in partnership with the Department of Health. We employ a registered Professional Nursing Sister

Child Protection

We work closely with the SAPS and stake holders for the education and supporting of our youngest

Community Programme

We believe that every member of our community is entitled to dignity

Emmanuel School

A registered pre-school, run under the auspices of WUCT,  in partnership with the Department of Education

Youth Programme

Building a strong foundation starts with the youth, through education and upskilling the next 

Sewing Room

Our crafts room enables those infected and affected by HIV to be economically sustainable 

One of the very important functions of the Westlake United Church Trust is the protection of our youngest in the community. In a country where abuse is rife, we believe in educating our youth, but also ensuring there is always a safe haven for them to turn to, should the unthinkable unfold in their lives. 

The hands off campaign is run on an annual basis, to ensure that our children know their rights, they know who to come to and what advice to ask for should they find themselves in a situation that is not ideal. Our staff are well trained to aid in these situations and we work closely with all stake holders to ensure that we do what is in the best interest of the children. 


How to get involved

How to get involved ….

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