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Our Youth Programme - June 2022

Our Youth Programme enjoying some winter sunshine and fresh air. 

Home Based Care in Action

Our Home Based Care team in a business park conducting blood pressure and sugar levels testing. Just another example of how our team reach out to improve the lives of those in our community. 

Sewing Project - Tourist Toys

Our sewing room has a great range of soft toys that are made from donated fabrics, which are perfectly sewn for the tourist market. They are ideal keep sakes and have proven to be popular with the market.

Newly Branded Mini-Bus

We are so excited to receive our newly branded vehicle back. We can now ensure, whenever we are out on a community excursion, we are clearly visible.

Promoting the Health of our Community

Some of the friendly, determined and faithful faces who aid us in our drive to reach the community and ensure the wellbeing of everyone.

Hands of Hope - in partnership with our Sewing Room

The quality products are handmade by ex-offenders in the Hands of Hope skills development project, initiated by Hope Prison Ministry at Pollsmoor Prison. By purchasing any of their amazing bags you help to break the cycle of crime and give someone encouragement and hope for a better future. You can view more of their work HERE

Helping Build the Community

Every charitable item is distributed into the Westlake Village to ensure that we improve the lives of the residents within the Village. Often this could be as simple as bringing food, other times, it is building supplies to help rebuild a home lost to the elements.

Prioritising the Future

Every effort placed on building the community has a strong link to the future of Westlake Village. What we build today, has the hopes and dreams of so many young people attached, therefore we hold firm to priorising the future of our community.

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