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Childcare and Protection

ECD2Westlake United Church Trust is tasked to protect the youth and young children in the community. In a country where abuse is rife, we believe in educating our youth, but also ensuring there is always a safe haven for them to turn to, should the unthinkable unfold in their lives.

Our well-trained staff are ready to assist orphans and vulnerable children whenever these situations present themselves. We work closely with other stakeholders and law-enforcement to ensure our advice and actions are in the best interest of the child.

Currently we have a daily group of 25 children that come to our facility. They enjoy a healthy meal and then work in groups to develop their resilience and confidence. One on one work also takes place in the event of grief counselling and HIV/AIDS.

We also provide food parcels where necessary.

The Hands-Off Campaign runs annually. The aim is to make sure that each and every child knows their rights, who to contact for advice and support when they find themselves in a situation that is not ideal or safe.


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