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Health Care

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The “1st Thousand days”

Our Registered nurse/midwife and Community Health Nurse, Louette Maccallum and an assistant Health Care Worker, run Antenatal classes for pregnant women and teenagers, as well as a Vibrant Mom and Baby support group.

Both of these programs fall under the “1st Thousand Days” – The unique period of opportunity, from conception to a child’s 2nd birthday, when the foundations of optimum health and development across the lifespan are established. The right nutrition and care will influence whether the child will survive, affect his / her ability to grow and learn, and rise out of poverty. (UNICEF 1st Thousand Days).

Both programs are run weekly, with the prenatal classes running over 8 weeks. Pregnant women who attend at least 6 of 8 classes are given a bucket of mother and baby toiletries, maternity pads, baby clothes, nappies, blankets and other goods knitted and donated by Thula Baba and the Knitwits from Tokai Methodist Church and team.


Senior & Elderly Care

Holistic Clinic for the elderly

A Medical Doctor is available for consultations, and the Professional Nurse and Health Carer conduct screenings, blood pressures, blood sugars, weight and footcare for diabetics. We have a Social Work Student, Physiotherapist, and a Counsellor available as part of the Holistic team of carers. We assist with transport in the event of emergencies, transport clients to the Day Hospitals for appointments and do home based care for several clients requesting our assistance.

We have partnered with University of Cape Town in that some of their social work students will use Westlake informal settlement as a base for doing some of their practical work. They will work with the elderly offering a listening ear, and at the same time learning listening skills. This is a collaborative opportunity that will bring great joy to the elderly as they find themselves with some personal companionship.


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